Buffet & BBQ Items

Coffee & Tea Buffet Table
Portable Bar Set Up - Showroom Example
BBQ Setup Example
Metal Cupcake Stand
Tri-Level Acrylic Food Serving Stand
Pink & Green Buffet Line Setup
Treats Buffet Table Setup
Lobster Cooker :)
BBQ - Showroom Example
Salad Buffet Line Setup
Fruit Buffet Line Setup

We have all the food warmers, drink dispenses, and BBQ's you could need for any event. Plus we have all the serving tongs and elegant trays for you as well. The best part is there is no cleaning needed for anything before the items are returned to us. 

*** Availability Varies From Week To Week! Please Contact Us To Confirm! ***

* No Cleaning Required Before Items Are Returned *

Food Warming Chafers