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Tents, Canopies and Dance Floors 

Tents, Canopies, & Dance Floors

30'x40' Tent - Mid Setup
30'x60' Tent - Inside Mid Setup
40'x40' Corner Arrangement - Outside
30'x60' Tent - Outside
50'x60' "C" Arrangement - Outside
Glen Haven Tea Party Setup <3
20'x20' Tent - Inside View
20'x60' Tent - Outside View - Rolled Up Sides
30'x60' Tent w/10'x20' Attachment - Outside View
20'x40' Tent - Outside View

The modular design of our Peek Marquee tents allow us to combined them with a  flying center pole  providing an obstruction free spacious interior and elegant design. This makes our tents a  favorite for special events, fairs, trade shows, and food service use. We are capable of creating a structure from 100 to 3,000 sq.ft..


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Tents & Canopies