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Whether buying a single balloon or in bulk, the material is identical. Made from rubber, these balloons are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. A nice benefit is that these balloons can be inflated using both air and helium. Obviously, if filled with helium, the balloons will rise, whereas those filled with air will not.
Although these balloons are an excellent choice for any party venue, someone with known latex allergies should avoid contact.

 * Our latex balloons generally last between 8-12 hours filled with just helium *
* When treated with Hi-Float they generally last about 3-5 days!  * 

Many people think that Mylar and foil balloons are two different types when, in fact, they are simply different components of the same balloon. In other words, these balloons are made with a layer of plastic, which is the Mylar, but coated with a thin layer of aluminum, the foil.
These balloons come in many colors, sizes, and shapes.
Mylar and Foil balloons are made of non-porous surface unlike latex balloons that lose gas through surface and entrance/exit port.

 * Our Mylar balloons generally last at least 2 weeks when filled with just helium *
* If you glue or seal the opening of the mylar/foil balloon it can stay filled indefinitely for the life of the material  * 

Balloon bouquets lift spirits and are perfect for special occasions. They last longer then flowers and easier to arrange then a tray of treats. 

Table Bouquets typically consist of 3 to 7 balloons, while Floor Bouquets typically consist of 5 to 10 balloons.

Other arrangements can include custom created columns, archways, or even full wall backdrops!

 * Helium filled arrangements generally last around 3-5 days. *

* Air‐filled arrangements generally last for a couple of weeks, but will not float. * 

When throwing a party, or hosting a special event, consider using balloon accessories to complement the balloons themselves. Come visit our Showroom to see the wide variety of accessories, you're sure to find the perfect accessory to compliment the celebration at hand.
Add a little flare to your event with our balloon accessories, including convenient balloon pumps, colourful curling ribbon, balloon weights, and balloon lights.

 * Some of these items are already included in bundled arrangements,
however, some are extra *

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