Tents, Tables, Chairs, Lighting, Linens, Place Settings, and all the final touches.

Tents, Canopies, & Dance Floors
The modular design of our Peek Marquee tents allow us to combined them with a  flying center pole  providing an obstruction free spacious interior and elegant design. This makes our tenets a  favorite for special events, fairs, trade shows, and food service use. We are capable of creating a structure from 100 to 3,000 sq.ft..
Tables & Chairs
We have tables and chairs to suite anything from a simple birthday/anniversary party to a large corporate event and every wedding in between.
String Lights & Candle Holders
We have a multitude of white and coloured lighting options to make your event unique to you! Available in different lengths and materials, which insures we have what you need to light up your event! 
We have a large variety of linens that will help you create an unique and fashionable look for any sized and themed event!
Place Settings & Cake Stands
Renting is a great option as there will be no dishes to wash, and everything matches! Every dish, glass, and piece of silverware is washed and sterilized by hand and machine. They are then inspected one by one to ensure they are in pristine condition.
Buffet Items & BBQs​
We have all the food warmers, drink dispenses, and BBQ's you could need for any event. Plus we have all the serving tongs and elegant trays for you as well. The best part is there is no cleaning needed for anything before the items are returned to us. 
Centerpiece Vases & Candy Dishes
In our extremely large catalog of glassware we have everything you need to create an amazing centerpiece, candy bar arrangement, or accent pieces for around your venue. With a verity of sizes available in almost any style of glassware we will always have the perfect piece for you! 
Backdrops & Ceiling Hoops
We have a wide verity of backdrops options to make your event unique to you! Mix and match all our fabric and draping options.
Book an appointment today to come play and create your own unique look.
& All The Extras!
Now for the "final touch". We have all the extras to make your event unique to YOU!  Mix and match any of our items, book an appointment to PLAY in our showroom, and create something that has never been seen before!​

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