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*** Priced Per Hour ***


This service can include, but is not only limited to :

  • Layout & Design
  • Chair Cover & Sash Placement
  • Aisle End Decoration Setup
  • Fabric Drapery Arrangements
  • Custom Linen Design
  • Lighting Setup
  • & So Much More ...


2 to 4 Person Team

*** Note ***

All item rentals are extra, however no item rental is required for this service to be available.

If you have your own décor items, but still would like some help with arrangements we would love to help just let us know prior to delivery.

Only Ceremony Decorating Help

SKU: V88
  • If you are unsure about how long it may take, or if you want more details about this service please include one hour of service in your quote. We will then contact you to discuss your needs.

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