Backdrops & Ceiling Hoops

St. Patrick - Showroom Example
16ft Empire Column Example - Summer Street
Dressing Room & Ceiling Hoop - Summer Street
8ft Simple Double Tier Backdrop - North End Rec
Full Room Mixed Backdrop & Lighting Arrangements
16ft Double Tier (Black & Black/Silver Sequin Sheer) - Pictou Legion
Ceiling Hoop Wedding Photo - Summer Street
Puzzle Light Mixed Middle Ceiling Hoop - Summer Street
20ft Double Tier (White & White Lace) & Red Swag Backdrop - North End Rec
Across Ceiling Arrangement - North End Rec
Simple Ceiling Hoop - Holiday Inn Truro
Across Ceiling Arrangement - Parker's Barn

We have a wide verity of backdrops options to make your event unique to you! 

Mix and match all our fabric and draping options.

Book an appointment today to come play and create your own unique look.

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Ceiling Fabric Options

* When part of a Ceiling Hoop the cost is included. *

Plus Tax To All Prices

8 ft Backdrop Fabric Options